Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

78 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Selectric Selectric introduces our new fully interchangeable range of GRID360 Modular Plates & Modules. Easy to install with no need for yokes - modules screw directly into each plate. Over 300 items - thousands of combinations possible to suit every need. Plate finishes from 1 gang to 12 gang to compliment all current Selectric ranges. GRID360 Modular Plates and Modules Description Code GRID Switch Modules - White 10A 1 Way switch SGRID360-1 10A 2 Way switch SGRID360-2 20A DP switch SGRID360-6 20A DP Switch with neon SGRID360-7 20A SP 2 Way key switch marked “EMG LTG TEST” SGRID360-276 20A DP 1 Way key switch SGRID360-11 20A DP 1 Way key switch marked “EMG LTG TEST” SGRID360-277 13A Fused connection unit SGRID360-12 10A 2 Way toggle switch SGRID360-14 GRID Switch Indicator Modules - White Neon indicator - Red SGRID360-16 Neon indicator - Amber SGRID360-17 Neon indicator - Green SGRID360-18 GRID Switch Engraved Modules - White 20A DP Switch engraved "fridge" SGRID360-279 20A DP Switch engraved "dryer" SGRID360-282 20A DP Switch engraved "oven" SGRID360-285 20A DP Switch with neon engraved “dish washer” SGRID360-296 20A DP Switch with neon engraved "waste disposal" SGRID360-299 20A DP Switch with neon engraved "heater" SGRID360-310 GRID Switch Decorative Modules - Satin Chrome 10A 1 Way switch SGRID360-25 10A 2 Way switch SGRID360-26 20A DP switch SGRID360-30 20A DP Switch with neon SGRID360-31 13A Fused connection unit SGRID360-36 GRID Switch Modular Plates - Square - White 1 Gang plate SGRID360-160 2 Gang plate SGRID360-161 3 Gang plate SGRID360-162 4 Gang plate SGRID360-163 6 Gang plate SGRID360-164 8 Gang plate SGRID360-165 12 Gang plate SGRID360-166 GRID Switch Modular Plates - Smooth - White 1 Gang plate SGRID360-167 2 Gang plate SGRID360-168 3 Gang plate SGRID360-169 4 Gang plate SGRID360-170 6 Gang plate SGRID360-171 8 Gang plate SGRID360-172 12 Gang plate SGRID360-173 GRID Switch Modular Plates - 7M-PRO - Satin Chrome 1 Gang plate SGRID360-181 2 Gang plate SGRID360-182 3 Gang plate SGRID360-183 4 Gang plate SGRID360-184 6 Gang plate SGRID360-185 8 Gang plate SGRID360-186 12 Gang plate SGRID360-187 GRID Boxes - Galvanised Steel 6 & 8 Gang metal box SGRID360-272 12 Gang metal box SGRID360-273 Finishes in the GRID360 range Modules* Black with Black Inserts, White with White Inserts Satin Chrome with Black, White or Grey Inserts Polished Chrome with Black or White Inserts Black Nickel with Black Inserts Antique Brass with Black Inserts Satin Brass with Black Inserts Matt Black with Black Inserts Plates* Black, White, Metal Clad, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel, Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Matt Black