Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

49 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Europa ■ EN60439-3 ■ Robust epoxy coated steel enclosure with lockable door (RAL 7035) ■ Pre-wired with 125A 4 pole isolator - RCDs available in place of 4 pole isolator ■ Blank labels for easy identification ■ Earth & neutral busbars included ■ IP20 rated incomer and neutral bar connections ■ Half din rail for simple fast fitting & removal of breakers ■ Accomodates 6kA or 10kA Europa MCBs & RCBOs (not to be mixed in the same board) ■ Available in different sizes ranging from 12 ways to 54 ways TPN 3 Phase Boards Code Description TPN04 12 Way 125A Switch TPN06 18 Way 125A Switch TPN08 24 Way 125A Switch TPN10 30 Way 125A Switch TPN12 36 Way 125A Switch TPN14 42 Way 125A Switch TPN16 48 Way 125A Switch TPN18 54 Way 125A Switch Earth and neutral termination on both the left and right hand side of the board make it clearer to identify which neutral relates to the MCB making wiring simple THREE PHASE NEUTRAL BOARDS Code Description EUB16B 6A EUB110B 10A EUB116B 16A EUB120B 20A EUB132B 32A EUB140B 40A EUB150B 50A EUB163B 63A 6kA B Curve 1 Pole 6kA Compact RCBO Code Description EUB1RC.6/1B 6A EUB1RC.10/1B 10A EUB1RC.16/1B 16A EUB1RC.20/1B 20A EUB1RC.32/1B 32A EUB1RC.40/1B 40A B Curve RCBO’s • EN61009 Compliant • 30mA Trip 1 Pole • Single Phase • 10 kA Three Phase versions also available Code Description TPN1P Single Phase Kit for TPN TPN1PLABEL Spare Labels for Single Phase Kit ECWNT10230 Neutral cable 10 x 230mm ECWNT16230 Neutral cable 16 x 230mm ECUBPD 1 Module Blank DIN Mount ECUBP Module Blanks 2 x 4 Strips TPN 3 Phase Accessories Modular Contactors Code Description EUC1-20-2P 20A N/O 2 Pole 230V AC Coil EUC1-25-2P 25A N/O 2 Pole 230V AC Coil EUC2-25-4P 20A N/O 4 Pole 230V AC Coil EUC3-40-4P 40A N/O 4 Pole 230V AC Coil EUC3-63-4P 63A N/O 4 Pole 230V AC Coil Code Description EUB16C 6A EUB110C 10A EUB116C 16A EUB120C 20A EUB132C 32A EUB140C 40A EUB150C 50A EUB163C 63A 6kA C Curve Code Description EUC1P6B 6A EUC1P10B 10A EUC1P16B 16A EUC1P20B 20A EUC1P32B 32A EUC1P40B 40A EUC1P50B 50A EUC1P63B 63A 10kA B Curve Code Description EUC1P6C 6A EUC1P10C 10A EUC1P16C 16A EUC1P20C 20A EUC1P32C 32A EUC1P40C 40A EUC1P50C 50A EUC1P63C 63A 10kA C Curve • Terminal capacity 25mm 2 C Curve RCBO’s Code Description EUB1RC.6/1C 6A EUB1RC.10/1C 10A EUB1RC.16/1C 16A EUB1RC.20/1C 20A EUB1RC.32/1C 32A EUB1RC.40/1C 40A 6 & 10kA 1P B & C Curve MCBs