Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

4 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Bendex Cable Protection Guard Manufactured in black PVC-U, for extra impact protection, with fixing holes. Code Description Pack Qty CG19BK 19mm x 19mm 10 x 3m CG25BK 25mm x 25mm 10 x 3m CG40BK 40mm x 40mm 10 x 3m CG55BK 55mm x 55mm 10 x 3m CG80BK 80mm x 80mm 5 x 3m Maxi Trunking The Bendex range of Maxi Trunking and accessories are manufactured from white PVC-U. Code Description Pack Qty CT10WH 28mm x 28mm 10 x 3m CT20WH 54mm x 28mm 10 x 3m CT30WH 50mm x 50mm 6 x 3m CT40WH 75mm x 50mm 6 x 3m CT50WH 75mm x 75mm 6 x 3m CT60WH 100mm x 100mm 2 x 3m CT70WH 100mm x 50mm 4 x 3m CT80WH 150mm x 150mm 2 x 3m Round and Oval Conduit Manufactured in black and white PVC-U. Manufactured in white only Code Description Pack Qty LG20 20mm o/d x 1.1mm Wall 30 x 3m LG25 25mm o/d x 1.5mm Wall 30 x 3m HG20 20mm o/d x 1.7mm Wall 30 x 3m HG25 25mm o/d x 1.9mm Wall 30 x 3m HG32 32mm o/d x 2.5mm Wall 10 x 3m Round Conduit Code Description Pack Qty OC13WH 13mm x 8.6mm 50 x 3m OC16WH 16mm x 10mm 50 x 3m OC20WH 20mm x 11mm 50 x 3m OC25WH 25mm x 11mm 50 x 3m OC32WH 32mm x 12mm 25 x 3m Oval Conduit Challenger 3 Compartment Profile Challenger is a modern three compartment data compliant trunking system, suitable for installation into office, school or college environments. The product measures 167 x 50mm, can be installed at dado or skirting level and includes a full range of accessories. The system is easy to install and features a pre-drilled base. Code Description Pack Qty XT1BWH Trunking Base 4 x 3m XT1CLWH Centre Lid 8 x 3m XT1TBWH Chamfered Lid Top/Bottom 8 x 3m XT2TBWH Square Lid Bottom 8 x 3m Basic Components Description System 1 System 2 Pack Qty Coupler XT1COWH XT2COWH 2 Internal Bend XT1IBWH XT2IBWH 2 External Bend XT1EBWH XT2EBWH 2 End Cap Left XT1ECWH XT2ECLWH 2 Right XT2ECRWH Flat Angle Up XT1FAWH XT2FAUWH 1 Down XT2FADWH Flat Tee Up XT1FTWH XT2FTUWH 1 Down XT2FTDWH Fittings Mini Trunking Mini Trunking is manufactured from white PVC-U to withstand the most rigorous demands of domestic and commercial use. Available with accessories and with self adhesive backing. This quick fit range of clip-on accessories have been designed with speed of installation in mind. *No accessories available. Code Description Pack Qty AT18WH* 18mm x 9mm 20 x 3m MT16WH 16mm x 16mm 20 x 3m MT25WH 25mm x 16mm 20 x 3m MT38WH 38mm x 16mm 20 x 3m MT40WH 38mm x 25mm 10 x 3m MT40SWH* 38mm x 38mm 10 x 3m Code Description Pack Qty SFAT18WH* 18mm x 9mm 20 x 3m SFMT13WH* 25mm x 13mm 20 x 3m SFMT16WH 16mm x 16mm 20 x 3m SFMT25WH 25mm x 16mm 20 x 3m SFMT38WH 38mm x 16mm 20 x 3m SFMT40WH 38mm x 25mm 10 x 3m SFMT40SWH* 38mm x 38mm 10 x 3m Self Fixing System Description Code Pack Qty System 1 Chamfered top / bottom compartments XT1CWH 1 x 3m System 2 Chamfered top & square bottom compartments XT2CWH 1 x 3m Complete Units Please add WH or BK to the end of each code to denote colour.