Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

24 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Carl Kammerling • Two component ergonomic design, with anti-slip horns for increased comfort, control and safety • Induction hardened jaws for outstanding long term performance • Cutting jaws with C.K optimised geometry for unsurpassed cutting performance • Special alloy steel, drop forged, hardened and tempered for exceptional strength and durability C.K Redline VDE Pliers C.K Dextro VDE Part No. Description 431003 C.K Redline VDE Combination Pliers 200mm 431004 C.K Redline VDE CombiCutter1 160mm 431008 C.K Redline VDE CombiCutter3 160mm 431012 C.K Redline VDE Wire Stripper 160mm 431014 C.K Redline VDE Snip Nose Pliers 200mm 431030 C.K Redline VDE Heavy Duty Cable Cutters 165mm 431031 C.K Redline VDE Heavy Duty Cable Cutters 210mm Premium quality safety pliers and cutters 431030 431031 C.K Dextro VDE Screwdrivers T49142-0 PH0 x 60 T49142-1 PH1 x 80 T49142-2 PH2 x 100 T49142-3 PH3 x 150 T49143-0 PZ0 x 60 T49143-1 PZ1 x 80 T49143-2 PZ2 x 100 T49143-2200 PZ2 x 200 T49143-3 PZ3 x 150 T49144-025 Slotted 2.5 x 75 T49144-030 Slotted 3.0 x 100 T49144-035 Slotted 3.5 x 100 T49144-040 Slotted 4 x 100 T49144-055 Slotted 5.5 x 125 T49144-065 Slotted 6.5 x 150 431008 431004 431003 431014 • Tip type marking for easy identification • Ergonomically shaped, dual component handles for increased comfort, control and safety • Long, fine neck for precise fingertip control • Ridges along the head give extra grip in that last ¼ turn • Handle injection moulded directly to blade giving the ultimate bond for increased reliability and durability • Premium quality chrome vanadium steel blade for exceptional strength and durability • Precision machined tips for an exact screw fit and damage free screwdriving Part No. Description T49244-035 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver SL3.5 x 100mm T49244-040 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver SL4.0 x 100mm T49244-055 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver SL5.5 x 125mm T49243-1 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver PZ1 x 100mm T49243-2 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver PZ2 x 125mm T49242-1 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver PH1 x 100mm T49242-2 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver PH2 x 125mm T49245-1 C.K DextroVDE Slim Screwdriver MOD2 x 125mm Premium quality safety screwdrivers 431012 C.K Cable & Wire Strippers Part No. Description T1260 C.K Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper T1261 C.K Automatic Wire Stripper T1270 C.K Universal Cable Stripper T1260 T1261 T1270 MADE IN GERMANY