Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

23 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Part Number Description 211200 VDE Combination Pliers 185mm 211202 VDE Combination Pliers 205mm 211204 VDE Diagonal Cutters 165mm 211203 VDE Diagonal Cutters 165mm with Stripping Notches 211217 VDE Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutters 170mm 211208 VDE Long Nose, Straight 200mm 211214 VDE Wire Stripping Pliers 160mm 211223 VDE Cable Cutter 200mm Industrial quality pliers and cutters. High leverage - perfected cutting performance. High leverage pliers offer a power saving of up to 50% 1000V VDE Pliers & Cutters Part Number Description 201085 Cable Cutter 160mm, Dipped Handle 201087 Cable Cutter 200mm, Dipped Handle For cutting Cu/AI cables, fine and multi-wiring. Chrome vanadium steel, dip-insulated handles Other Pliers & Cutters All blades are made of high quality Molybdenum vanadium steel. The ergonomic moulded 2-component handles made from PP/ TPE material guarantees a high security. Every screwdriver is individually tested and marked. Tip marking moulded into handles for ease of identification. Magnetic blades & tips for convenience and blades are coated to prevent corrosion and slipping out from screws. 1000V VDE Screwdrivers Part Number Description 101910 VDE Screwdriver 2.5x75mm 101914 VDE Screwdriver 3.5x100mm 101916 VDE Screwdriver 4x100mm 101918 VDE Screwdriver 5.5x120mm 101920 VDE Screwdriver 6.5x150mm 101942 VDE Screwdriver PH 1 101944 VDE Screwdriver PH 2 101952 VDE Screwdriver PZ 1 101954 VDE Screwdriver PZ 2 101870 VDE Screwdriver PZ/FL1 101872 VDE Screwdriver PZ/FL2 101879 VDE Screwdriver PZ/FL Set - 2pcs 101999 VDE Screwdriver Set PH - 6pcs 101999/PZ VDE Screwdriver Set PZ - 6pcs 102999/PZ VDE Slim-Shafted Screwdriver Set PZ - 6pcs 102000 Vario VDE 1000V Replaceable Blade Set - PH 102700/PZ VarioTQ VDE 1000V Torque Screwdriver Replaceable Blade Set CEENorm CEENorm U.K. Ltd exclusively offers the Haupa range of electrician’s tools. Made for the trade