Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

120 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Ansell Lighting • Robust LED low/high bay for industrial, commercial and retail applications • 1-10V dimmable as standard • Pre-wired with 3m of H07RN-F cable for ease and speed of installation • Microwave sensor programmer available for versatile commissioning • Alternative installation options by means of drop rods, jack chain / catenary wire • 96W comparable to 150W HQI • 146W comparable to 250W HQI • 197W comparable to 400W HQI • Die-cast powder coated construction and heatsink for optimum thermals and performance • TP(a) as standard • LED lifespan L70 50,000 hours Microwave Sensor • IP65 Rated Enclosure. • 3M - 15M Mounting height ideal for any low to high level mouting heights. • Automatic 1-10V Dimming with time delay and pre-set dimming levels to select. • Built-in daylight sensor for enhanced energy saving via daylight harvesting. • Dip-switch or remote control commissioning allows for versatile sensor programming; options include, Hold Time, Stand-By Dim Level, Daylight Sensor and many more. Code Description AZLED/1 96W - Cool White AZLED/2 146W - Cool White AZLED/3 197W - Cool White AZLED/1/DL 98W - Daylight AZLED/2/DL 151W - Daylight AZLED/3/DL 198W - Daylight Options /M3 Emergency /MWS Microwave Sensor Z LED High/Low Bay Colossus HO LED Floodlight • Die-cast aluminium luminaire with symmetrical light distribution • High output, high efficiency floodlight • Suitable for large external sports or industrial applications • 500W exceeds the performance of 1000W HQI • 1000W comparable to performance of 2000W HQI • Supplied with remote mounted control gear in an IP65 enclosure • LED Lifespan L70 50,000 hours • Non-dimmable Code Description ACOLOED500 500W - Daylight ACOLOED1000 1000W - Daylight