Seryn Electrical - Product Catalogue Edition 20

10 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Flexicon One part, fast fit nylon (PA66) fitting, lockable for added strength and security, anti-vibration and tamper resistant; can be removed using a screwdriver; suits FPAS and FPP conduit available in black or grey. Supplied with locknut. Product Code Size mm Pack Qty Black Grey FPA16-M16B FPA16-M16G 16 10 FPA16-M20B FPA16-M20G 16 10 FPA21-M20B FPA21-M20G 21 10 FPA28-M25B FPA28-M25G 28 10 FPA34-M32B FPA34-M32G 34 10 FPA42-M40B FPA42-M40G 42 2 FPA42-M50B FPA42-M50G 42 2 FPA54-M50B FPA54-M50G 54 2 FPA54-M63B FPA54-M63G 54 2 Note: 90º, 45º and flange fittings also available. For higher IP ratings ask for our Ultra™ Range which is rated for IP67, IP68 and IP69 FPA Fitting – IP66 Nylon conduit clip with integral lid, available in black or grey, for securing corrugated flexible conduit. Product Code Size mm Pack Qty Black Grey FCL16B FCL16G 16 10 FCL20B FCL20G 20 10 FCL21B FCL21G 21 10 FCL28B FCL28G 28 10 FCL34B FCL34G 34 10 FCL42B FCL42G 42 5 FCL54B FCL54G 54 5 FCL Conduit Clip 8 Different Contractor Packs available. Please Ask for details We now offer 60 different conduit systems to choose from! Standard weight polypropylene, flexible conduit, Acid resistant, Temperature range -20ºC to +90ºC, Self extinguishing. Colour black, grey (RAL 7031) or white. Typical Applications: Buildings, particularly where buried in concrete or plaster. Product Code Size mm Reel (m) Black Grey FPP10B-50M FPP10G-50M 10 50 FPP13B-50M FPP13G-50M 13 50 FPP16B-50M FPP16G-50M 16 50 FPP20B-50M FPP20G-50M 20 50 FPP21B-50M FPP21G-50M 21 50 FPP25B-50M FPP25G-50M 25 50 FPP28B-50M FPP28G-50M 28 50 FPP34B-50M FPP34G-50M 34 50 FPP42B-25M FPP42G-25M 42 25 FPP54B-25M FPP54G-25M 54 25 Polypropylene Flexible Conduit Note: 90º elbow and couplers also available. One piece, fast fitting, slim design; IP66 rated. Suits FPAS and FPP conduit available in Nylon (PA66) or Polypropylene (PP). Can be removed using a screwdriver. Available in black or grey. Supplied with locknut. Flexilok® System – IP66 Metric thread (PA66) part no. Metric thread (PP) part no Size mm Black Grey Black (PP) Grey (PP) FLK10-M12B FLK10-M12G 10 FLK13-M16B FLK13-M16G 13 FLK16-M16B FLK16-M16G FLK16-M16-PPB FLK16-M16-PPG 16 FLK16-M20B FLK16-M20G 16 FLK20-M20B FLK20-M20G FLK20-M20-PPB FLK20-M20-PPG 20 FLK21-M20B FLK21-M20G 21 FLK25-M25B FLK25-M25G FLK25-M25-PPB FLK25-M25-PPG 25 FLK28-M25B FLK28-M25G 28 FLK34-M32B FLK34-M32G FLK34-M32-PPB FLK34-M32-PPG 34 FLK42-M40B FLK42-M40G 42 FLK54-M50B FLK54-M50G 54 Contractor Packs IP66 10m FPP polypropylene conduit, 10 Flexilok® fittings and locknuts. Polypropylene IP66 10m FPAS corrugated low fire hazard nylon conduit, 10 FPA fast fit fittings and locknuts. Nylon Polypropylene Black Grey FPP-CP20B FPP-CP20G FPP-CP25B FPP-CP25G Nylon Black FPAS-CP21B FPAS-CP25B Size mm Qty 20 1 21 1 25 1 Standard weight flame retardant nylon (PA6) low fire hazard corrugated flexible conduit in black or grey. IP rating IP66 with FPA fittings. Temperature range -40ºC to +120ºC. Ideal on machinery and in public buildings. Product Code Size mm Reel (m) Black Grey FPAS16B-25M FPAS16G-25M 16 25 FPAS16B-50M FPAS16G-50M 16 50 FPAS21B-25M FPAS21G-25M 21 25 FPAS21B-50M FPAS21G-50M 21 50 FPAS28B-25M FPAS28G-25M 28 25 FPAS28B-50M FPAS28G-50M 28 50 FPAS34B-25M FPAS34G-25M 34 25 FPAS42B-10M FPAS42G-10M 42 10 FPAS42B-25M FPAS42G-25M 42 25 FPAS54B-10M FPAS54G-10M 54 10 FPAS54B-25M FPAS54G-25M 54 25 Nylon (PA6) Flexible Conduit Flexicon Nylon Contractor Pack